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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lisbon Trams

One of my favorite sights, while travelling in Portugal was travelling on the yellow tram.
We have trams in Australia but not in Sydney,so it's not something I'm used to seeing. Lisbon trams are a sight to behold.
These distinctive yellow trams are one of the tourist icons of modern Lisbon, and their size is well suited to the steep hills and narrow streets of the city.
Modern Lisbon has invested in newer trams which for the inhabitants of this city is probably much more comfortable to travel on, then the older style ones you see in these pictures.
From the perspective of a tourist these older style ones have charm, they seem to be from a different era. You imagine seeing men in pinstripped suits & hats, women in pinup dress's wearing gloves & hats, stepping out of them
I'd love the sound of the rumble & the clinking sound of a bell as they went past, letting you know they own this old & beautiful city.

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