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Friday, March 5, 2010

Portuguese Restaurants - Divino Cafe & Restaurant

On a hot late summers day my friends baptised their first child. They decided to have the function at Divino Cafe & Restaurant in Petersham. My friends,my husband & I had gone to this restaurant several months before after we found it by accident. My friends had wanted to take my husband & I out, a thank you, sort of meal.We decided to check out Petersham, the Portuguese district in Sydney & browse around, not really having having a place in mind.
We came across this place, a fairly new place to us.
The first thing I was struck by was the interior, modern Portuguese,light brown furniture,hand painted pictures on the walls.It's a small place seating around 40 people maximum, which I like.
The restaurant was having a function when we asked if we could come in,they warmly greeted us in, & were very attentive even though they had 30 people to attend to. When I say they I really mean the waitress, who I think is one of the owners.

The menu was typically Portuguese,& the prices were reasonable.
Once our food came out it was beautiful & pretty good portions, so good was this place that my friend decided she'd like to have her sons baptism here.

The food we had at the baptism was a selection of dishes brought out on platters & shared.
Usually I hate that because sometimes there isn't enough to go around, but there was so much food at this function that we had to leave some of it behind,which I found so incredibly hard to do but just couldn't eat anymore.
Grilled chorizo
No complaints with this dish, it was cooked perfectly,& still moist.

Grilled Garlic prawns
One of my favorite things in the world

Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato - pipis with coriander,galic & wine

This dish was so gorgeous to eat, it felt like the ocean was in my mouth. Succulent little morsels.I really like the use of coriander it just lifts the dish & adds a richer depth.

Porco a Alentejana -Pork with clams

This dish is a very classic one it's usually on any Portuguese menu. There was plenty of pork even though it looks like there was more potatoes, they were on the bottom with the juice.

Bacalhau a Bras -Dried Cod,onions, potatoes & scrambled egg

I just have to say this is the best bacalhau a bras I've ever tasted. this dish can sometimes be a bit dry but this one was so moist,the right amount of salt, cod & potatoes, perfect.The best I've eaten anywhere.

Espetada- Beef Kebabs
This dish wasn't overly dry as they can sometimes be.By this stage I have to admit I was so full this dish didn't really interest me as much as the others. I heard from the other guests though that it was very nice.

Creme Caramel- Pudim

I love creme caramels there so morish.This is a very typical one it's a bit heavier than the classical french one with a bit of a crust on top.
There were other selections of desserts chocolate mousse, & rice pudding which I didn't have a chance to get a photo of, as the other guests dug into them so fast, a good sign I guess.

Divino Restaurant
Address Shop 3, 98 Audley St,
Petersham, NSW 2049
Phone (02) 9560 9924

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Anonymous said...

I was there at the gathering and it was a great afternoon of lunch, i especially love the Bacalhau a Bras -Dried Cod,onions, potatoes & scrambled egg.. YUMMMMM. I would definately go back.. Congrats on the blog.. Good luck i will be a fan..

Portuguese kitchen said...

Hi Anonymoous
Thanks so much for your comments.
I loved the Bacalhau a Bras too, by far my favorite dish of the function.

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Looks like you picked a winner there! Everything looks very nice indeed :D

Portuguese kitchen said...

Thanks Lorraine.I think so too.
For a Portuguese restaurant Divino's is a cut above the rest.Their menu is traditional, yet has a modern feel to it.