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Monday, May 3, 2010

Algarve Restaurants

Before I post a recipe, I'd like to share a couple of sites that I follow.
I wanted to share with you my readers both these posts. It's in Portuguese so if you want to know what's been said than just go to google translator & it'll translate the post for you.
Basically the post is about a few bloggers who take a trip to the Algarve, take in some workshops, went market shopping checking out local produce.
They also went to some  local restaurants.
We have some nice Portuguese restaurants in Sydney, but there a bit stuck in the 70's with not many fully trained chefs at the helm of many of these kitchens, don't get me wrong there great in a sort of home style sort of way, but their not the fine dining experience you get with many Italian, Japanese restaurant.
The posts show the best of Portuguese cuisine & a testament that food has evolved to a higher level in Portugal.
So great to see.
It's also the area my family is from, so I'm happy to show everyone the great produce this area has. 
Here are both links enjoy.

Tavira Food Fairs
Marzipan Workshop
algarve restaurants
Algarve Food Markets
Algarve restaurants2

Algarve, food, & Tours
Algarve restaurants3


belnboo said...

Food looks amazing, I've gone to a few Portuguese restaurants here in Sydney, your right there nice but they don't serve food like this.
The Algarve looks amazing, I dont know much about it, it looks beautiful.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Thanks for the links! I always wondered how the Portuguese restaurants in Sydney shaped up! :)

Roland said...

Looks amazing, I've never seen Portuguese like that, yum

Roland said...

Sorry meant, I've never seen Portuguese food like this

Portuguese kitchen said...

Hi Belnboo- glad you liked the food. The Algarve is one of my favorite places is Portugal.

Hi Lorraine- Your welcome hope you enjoyed

Hi Roland- Glad you enjoyed it