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The food of Portugal is rich, & has a depth of intensity just like its people.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bairro Portuguese - Petersham Food & Wine Fair

Every year in March, Marrickville council hosts the Bairro Portuguese - Petersham Food & Wine fair.
It's held on Audley and Fisher Streets, Petersham.  This one was on Sunday 13 March 2011. 
I've attended these before in previous years but never as a blogger.
I arrived early as I know in previous years it gets pretty crowded & it's generally hot.
The festival feature food & drink from some of the businesses in the area. The food isn't just from Portugal but also from the Portuguese colonies, such as Goa, Brazil.
Walking through the crowd I bumped into  family and friends I hadn't seen in a while.
There was one disappointment, this year there wasn't any Filhos which are fluffy dougnuts. I was eagerly anticipating trying these again. Hopefully next year they'll be there.

A stall selling Portuguese memorabilia.

Prawn Rissole  - Rissole de Camerao
These are a dough that's filled with prawn mixture, crumbed & fried.
I loved these when I was younger. You serve these at special occasions.

 Orange roll - Torta de Laranga
These are sweet & light

 Chorizo bread - Pao de Chorizo
These are filled with chorizo.
I'll have to admit that these weren't as good as other one's I've tried before. The dough was heavy & really doughy.

Portuguese dancers called Rancho. It's very traditional dancing. When I was a child I wanted to join this dance club. For me it felt really exciting to be able to dance in this way. It never happened unfortunately.

Watch these videos it features traditional Portuguese dancing. The group is called O Rancho.


Roz said...

So happy to find your blog through my blog friend Celia Fig Jam and Lime Cordial blog. We are going to investigate Portuguese food and cooking equipment on my next trip to Sydney. Can you recommend where I will find a cataplana. I took a foodie tour to Portugal in 2009 and did not buy one then.

Anonymous said...

If you answer my comment I will thank you not like some people who write to me and ask me heaps and I answer them in detail and never hear from them

Portuguese Kitchen said...

Hi Roz- I'm so glad you found me as well. I hope you enjoy the site. I've seen cataplanas at the Spanish/Portuguese deli, down the road from all the pastry shops in Petersham. You can also try Charlie's Deli- 37 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham
Ph:9560 4037
They are really expensive here in Australia. I got mine in Portugal 15 years ago when they were really cheap. I've seen them on amazon so try them there. Do you want to make something special with it?

Hi Anonymous if I don't answer you after a few days please be patient. Life is really really hectic at the moment.It's a shame you don't hear from anyone when you've gone to such great lengths.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I wish I had been here for this! All of the food looks wonderful! :D

Lucy @ Lucyeats said...

Wow, I MUST get my hands on some of that Prawn Rissole. It looks absolutely delicious! It looks like you had a really wonderful day!